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Family Law and Divorce
Business and Real Property Title Litigation

Are you going through a divorce and need your voice to be heard? Michael A. Dominy provides legal advice and solutions for people in the Atlanta area just like you.

Core Practice Areas

Michael specializes in Family Law including divorce, modification of existing support and custody orders, establishment of paternity and child support guardianship, and related matters. If you are going through a complex divorce or one involving substantial assets – particularly business assets – Michael has the experience and expertise to ensure you are well-represented and receive your fair share.

Michael has a strong background in Accounting and Business Litigation and Real Property Title Law, and this experience is crucial when the divorce process becomes complicated, and assets are being divided—and especially when assets are being concealed. Divorce is never easy, but you deserve to have the best representation and protect property that is rightfully yours. Michael will take you through a comprehensive process and investigate every avenue to ensure your needs are met moving forward.

Does this Sound Like You?

Whether your marriage has fallen apart and you need help dividing assets and providing the best for your children, you’re embroiled in a complex business dispute or you’ve learned of an uninsured title defect in real estate and need legal representation, Michael has the answers.

Why Choose Michael?

Michael has more than 30 years of experience in divorce and business matters getting the results you need. Going through a divorce or a lawsuit is very stressful, and Michael’s primary objective is to help relieve that stress and take the burden off his clients. Michael wants to be your champion and help you achieve all of your legal goals.

Getting to the Truth of the Matter…One Client at a Time

No matter how difficult or complex your situation may seem, there is a solution, and Michael will work tirelessly to find it. That takes – research, investigation and strategy in a quest for the truth. At your initial consultation, all of the major issues will be examined and a course of action recommended. You’ll know everything you need to know about your case, and any reservations you had when you first arrived will be addressed.

Don’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to your legal representation.