About Michael

Michael A. Dominy is a litigation attorney in Atlanta, Georgia and principal of The Dominy Law Firm, LLC. Michael’s objective is to help individuals overcome their legal difficulties, which fuels his quest for knowledge and professional growth.

Michael was awarded a BBA in Accountancy from Georgia State University in 1982 and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Georgia School of Law in 1985. He has enjoyed a long career as a successful litigator with a variety of law firms. He now focuses primarily on domestic relations but also has extensive experience in business litigation and  real estate title matters.

A Tradition of Excellence in the Practice of Law

Michael is the youngest of four brothers and the third to practice law. Michael’s father was also a lawyer, investigator, patrolman and eventually Director of the Georgia Department of Public Safety, so it was a natural progression. Uncovering fraud and dishonesty is an integral part of litigation and a natural talent of his. With the instincts of a detective, Michael loves to dig deep and solve mysteries. Finding out the whole truth about a case before he walks into the courtroom is at the core of Michael’s personality, and it has served his clients well in his law career.

Practicing law is also an art.  It has an aesthetic.  Like a film noir movie, it can often be stark, raw, and gritty, which Michael finds appealing on many levels. As a student of life, he is naturally curious and is always striving to learn more about what makes humanity tick.


Areas of Expertise

Family Law

Michael handles all types of Family Law cases including:

  • Divorce, in which all of the issues at the dissolution of a marriage are decided including child custody, child support, alimony and division of property
  • Modification of the custody or support provisions of a prior court order
  • Establishment of paternity and parental rights and the duty of support
  • Separate maintenance
  • Adoption
  • Collection of unpaid child and spousal support
  • Other related matters such guardianship and probate.  

Michael specializes in more complex divorce matters, such as those involving high income, unusual compensation agreements, ownership of business interests and complicated financial arrangements in which questions concerning the concealing of assets may arise.  Michael’s accounting background and extensive experience in business and title litigation often come into play in handling these cases, providing assurance to clients that there won’t be any important elements or issues missed during the process.

Business Litigation

In those cases in which everything a successful entrepreneur or small business owner has worked for is threatened by a lawsuit, breach of contract or other wrongdoing, experienced legal representation is demanded. Michael handles all types of Business Litigation cases including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Fraud and Misrepresentation
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Conversion
  • Disputes among Co-Owners
  • Collections
  • Defective Construction

It is important to contact an attorney when you first see that trouble is brewing so that you understand your legal position and can start taking constructive action.  Review of proposed contracts and assistance in negotiations to avoid litigation are important roles Michael can play in these situations.

Real Estate Title Litigation

Real property is often the most valuable asset that an individual or small business will ever own.  So it is a traumatic event when one learns of a defect in the title that is not covered by insurance.  Michael has many years of experience in clearing real property title defects, including:

  • Defects in the Chain of Title
  • Clouds on the Title
  • Non-Conforming Liens
  • Fraudulent Liens and Conveyances
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Easements
  • Encroachments
  • Tax Deeds
  • Removal of Equities of Redemption Following Tax Sale

Michael has handled hundreds of quiet title actions over the course of his career involving a myriad of issues. He knows the law and will find the best solution for your real property title problem.

Bar Memberships

Michael is a member of the

  • State Bar of Georgia including the Family Law, Real Property, Appellate Practice, General Practice and Trial Law and Creditors’ Rights sections
  • United States District Courts of Georgia
  • 11th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Georgia Court of Appeals
  • Supreme Court of Georgia